Chrome plating and Calcium Remover

I let the calcium-encrusted chrome plated hardware from my 1940-vintage
tub soak in a solution called "Calcium Lime & Rust Stain Remover". Most
of the calcium came off in a matter of 30 minutes or so, and there was
no other damage, so I decided to let it soak for a few hours to get
really clean.
Unfortunately, when I came back, the chrome was discolored to a light
copper tint.
The active ingredients in this solution are hydrochloric acid and
sulfamic acid. Does anyone know how to get the chrome back to its
original color?
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Andrew Taylor
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HCl acid permanently stains chromium ("chrome" plating, stainless steel). Prognosis negative.
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Richard J Kinch
You could try a Crome stripping solution then replate with nickel and then crome
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Find a good plating shop. They will strip off the chrome (acid bath) and replate. It's not expensive.
Andrew Taylor wrote:
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OK, thanks sounds like a good idea. Appreciate everyone's help. -Andrew
RB wrote:
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Andrew Taylor
soaking in vinegar and a little scraping with something wood or otherwise softer than the chrome so you dont scratch it, will usually take care of minerals, and i havent had it hurt any of my chrome...
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