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Sorry I have to post this through Google Groups however my ISP apparently has closed down Usenet on me, I'll be looking for a long term solution.

I need to make room in my shop for recent acquisitions.

I haven't been too active on this group lately but I've learned a number of things through the members so I figured I would give first grabs here before going with Ebay or Craigslist.

A few big Items first. I'm in the south Chicago area.

Kalamazoo 610 Bandsaw - This was a great score and a great saw. But I need the room that a bandsaw takes up so I need to part with it. It needs a new blade, McMaster sells the correct size.


Picture at

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I never fixed the unfortunate orange color, however its easy to tune to as close to perfectly straight as you can get without precision cutting tools.

I also have an old Atlas/Craftsman 6 inch lathe. Everything there except the casting for the rack and pinion gear on the apron, it broke. Its currently setup with a fine feed gear config. I have a few other gears but not a full set. No Jack stand, uses the DC motor.

The motor is a Leeson DC Motor 3/4 HP (bought NIB, only a few hours on it) with a Beel Motor Controller with the break and reversing switch setup.

I also have a MT1 Center, MT2 Live center, MT2 Drill Chuck, A2Z QCTP (new never used), and a set of indexible tooling to go with it.


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Smaller items are Mitutoyo 6" Digital Calipers Model 500-196-20 $40 + shipping Like new - with case

Bridgeport Mill handle. - $30 + shipping

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Franklin Electric 3/4 HP motor - Single Phase 208-230V - $50 + shipping
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Feel free to email me with any questions. I did some business with Don Forman a while back, so he might be able to vouch I'm not a scammer or anything.


Marc Britten

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Shoot, I forgo to mention the James Norton Rite-Height hold downs

I have 2 brand new pairs (industrial surplus from Auction). They have the 1/2 in studs. They sell new for about $37 each without nuts or studs. These have nuts with bolts. JMC-500 on Reider.

$30 per pair + shipping.

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