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Another manufacturing program bites [bytes?] the dust.

Our college is closing out our machining courses. In addition to the Clausing 4902 lathes [see earlier post on this in RCM] we also have the following cnc equipment for sale.

These are desktop units and can be moved by two strong people. Most likely, these are too big to fit in a mid-size or smaller sedan but both would fit easily in a small station wagon or mini (micro) van at the same time.

We would like to dispose of this equipment before the end of the semester [1 June 2004] from the current classroom location [Texas panhandle - 50 miles north of Amarillo ]to avoid moving expenses.

Terms are cash or certified check at time of pick-up. Crating/shipping *NOT* available.

Except as noted, all machines are under power and you can see run. We can make arrangements for weekend or evening pickup.

All machines are sold as is / where is, with no guarantee or warranty of fitness for use as anything. [Signed release will be required at time of pick-up]

Emco F1 CNC machining center – 750$US

Denford ORAC cnc lathe – 200$US [complete but not currently operational]

#1 Milling machine is an EMCO [ NOT ENCO] F1. Machine wired to run on

110 volts 60 cycle electricity. Machine uses 1980s technology [went out of production in 1991 I believe] but runs well. Has approximately 300 lines of memory. Machine is 2-1/2 axis [any two axis at the same time] and no helical interpolation. Can be set up as a horizontal or vertical machine [head swivels]. Unit is in good functional shape but looks a little rough. Some push button caps are missing but machine functions well without these. On machine data storage requires a special [expensive] mini-cassette, however machine also has RS232 port to up/down load programs from tape punch [110 baud] or from a PC [300 baud - high speed!] A null-modem adapter or cable is required to link to most computers. Comes complete with 5 collet type quick change tool holders and a selection of double-angle collets and a small Emco vise. Other materials such as blue machinable wax are also included. Working program monitor included.

The factory instructor’s manual is included.

Following software is included:

Demo versi ADI2CNC translates an AutoCAD plt file produced using the ADI option in version 10 and version 12 of AutoCAD to G/M control files for Emco F1. [Different versions for v.10 and v.12] Automatically breaks program into segments of about 290 lines allowing very complex [long] programs to be written. Generates straight-line moves only. [If anyone is interested I also have versions for Bridgeport BOSS, Hurco, General Numerics and another controller for a water jet cutter available.]

HPGL2F1 translates HPGL [not HPGL/2] plot files into G/M control files as above allowing any program that can generate a HPGL plot file to generate program files. Sequence is not sorted/optimized as was the ADI files but you can use TrueType fonts in the newer programs.

Both programs work very well for engraving, and with close attention to tool offsets can be used to generate good machining programs. I fabricated a holder for a 60,000 rpm grinder. With diamond points this does a beautiful job on glass. Also worked well with 1/8 inch shank micro end mills to make dies.

SHOWEMCO which « backplots » the emco program files. Program is 2-d only and shows an xy plain view. Programs can be run on the same screen to show effect of multiple programs.

Rexford has a program to rebuild these machines using PC controlled drivers for 3 axis operation and helical milling. See

formatting link
(2) Denford ORAC lathe. Very solid, all cast iron, ball screw lathe. Out of production but parts and service available at Denford-US see:
formatting link
From a mechanical form/fit/function viewpoint miles ahead of any of the educational/hobby machines currently in production.

All parts are included and lathe is assembled. Problem is that one axis became intermittent. Difficulty was isolated as a driver card by swapping card between Z and X axis. A rebuilt driver card was obtained from Denford, but unit was totally dead when this was installed. No sparks, smoke, or snap-crackle and pop, just 100% dead. Unit wired for 220v single phase, 50 cycle, but worked great on 110 single phase 60 cycle with supplied step up transformer which goes with the lathe. Unit includes Swiss style quick change tool holder and set of Stahlram carbide insert holders. Very accurate 3-jaw universal chuck and tail stock are also included.

Electronics are built like a battleship, with no LSI or surface mounts. Limited machine memory. Lathe uses a 6502 CPU like the original apple (or Acorn) computers. Original ORAC software for program up/down load and try-out / simulation available. Includes required « dongle » Lathe controller does not support compound in-feed or multiple pass / offset treading, only radial in-feed threading. Easy switch between metric and inch units. CNC eliminates any need for 127 tooth change gears, taper and ball turning attachments.

Denford has a program to rebuild these machines with modern drivers with control supplied by a PC.

Send me an email if you would like pictures of either of these machines.

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