small bench top CNC lathe wanted

I have been looking for a small bench top CNC lathe for a while an
have come up with nothing apart from junk!
I had a five hour drive to look at two suposidly complete machines onl
to find they had vital stuff missing...gutted.
Can anyone tell me where I can get a posserbly ex education bench to
CNC lathe scimilar to a Denford orac/starturn or maybe one of th
smaller boxford TCL machines at a reasonable price??
Also I need info on what machine I should buy which would allow me t
upgrade the electronics without loads of trouble.
jason fletche
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jason fletcher
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Hi Jason when you do get one please let me no as i have a boxford 160 coming which has all the software and control supposedly but I want to convert it to run with modern stepper drives and possibly Mach 2 Lathe or call me on 0115 9389014 Cherrs Colin
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Colin Wildgust
g and m tools had both a small Boxford 125TCL and a Denford Starturn PC forsale a couple weeks ago. I thought the prices were decent.
Only problem is they won't ship to me in the US.
I'm now looking at a Dyna 3000H which is much larger than those machines, much more expensive, and looks like it's been well used...
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