Combination 4 Jaw Chuck

I I've never seen a chuck like this, but if I had one setting it up to go on
my lathe would be really close to project number one. This is really cool.
Union chuck shown starting at about 0:45 seconds.
Don't care much abut the Cushman chuck he is actually planning to work with
later in the video.
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Bob La Londe
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A 6 jaw chuck with two opposite jaws removed will center square stock.
I was just seeing a 4 jaw that can act as a scroll chuck or an independent jaw chuck. Depending on how well it repeats it might be the cat's meow for repeat work on the same size diameter stock. Dial it once, and then use it like a scroll chuck.
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Bob La Londe
One of the youtube machinists was just showing a chuck like that. Don't recall if it was Keith or Adam.
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Steve W.

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