Combining an electro mechanical joint

Hello everyone, i need help at this:
I want to make a joint like in the human arm and make it work in
certain behavior.
so, i know i need a stepper motor controlled by microchip like
PIC16F1825 and attached to the mechanical joint.
but what i need to know:
1- what kind of motor to use (how much KG can raise, the
price, ...etc )
2- what kind of joint
3- how should they attached to each other
Thanks a lot to every one helped me...
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--A good place to start for all of the above:
formatting link
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You don't want to use a stepper motor. You lose far too much torque and waste far too much energy stopping and holding. Think PM motors with pulse width modulation to vary torque and speed. You must use feedback with a position encoder (absolute) and a tachometer. Depending on the gear set used, you may also wish to use an armature shaft brake. Steve
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Steve Lusardi
you need to determine how fast you want it to move - how much weight to lift, holding reqmts, etc - hydraulics are frequently used, but if motion doesn't have to be too snapy a piezo motor provides high holding torque and is light/small
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Bill Noble
Thank you for your time. i want the motion to be smooth, and the motor must endure weight 1 KG as a maximum. the main problem is in the connection between the motor and the joint.
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lot to every one helped me...
so, try reading about them - start here
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Bill Noble

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