Compressor pumps

My 2nd-worst nightmare ... backing the truck loaded with lumber into the
"new" shop space , I didn't notice that 12' 2x4 pushing on my compressor .
BANG , it tips over , lands on the pump pulley . Both connecting rods
snapped off , and the crank bearings pushed out the back side .
So I've ordered a new pump , but wonder if this one is worth repairing . It
ran well , quiet , pistons are dead clean as is the bottom end . It looks
like rods are going to cost around 25-30 bucks each , and the new pump was
only $120 ...
What would you do ?
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Terry Coombs
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I'd suggest you drink a whole hell of a lot less beer and smoke a couple fewer joints before backing lumber into your shop next time, Snag. ;)
That's lucky for you. Condolences on the screwup.
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Larry Jaques
TIG the con rods and whatever else broke back together carefully and call it frankenpressor2?
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Pete C.

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