Anyone here sew?

I have available (4) sergers
Hobbylock 796
Elna 704 DEX
Simplicity SL350
Babylock (unknown model..I didnt pull it out of the box)
The Elna and the Simplicity appear to be NOS
The Hobbylock appears to be used but in good condition
The Babylock appears to be very little used.
Anyone need one? Any idea of what each is worth?
Ebay shows them to be worth around $200 +/- for used
I can shoot photos if necessary.
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Gunner Asch
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I'm sure there is a site or two giving that information. Suggest googling, "collectible sewing machines. (I am assuming "sergers" is a misspelling)
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Warren Penn
I think the type he's talking about are also called over-edgers . Trims and stitches/binds the edge . Snag
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Terry Coombs
"Terry Coombs" fired this volley in news:%K26t.356456$ snipped-for-privacy@newsfe24.iad:
Oh, Jeeez, guys... They are CALLED "Sergers". Gunner had it exactly correct.
They do (up to) four top threads in an interlocking hemming operation (thus, the 'lock' in BabyLock), and some also trim the selvage (as Snag said).
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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh
That Elna is a GREAT machine. I'd love to have that. They can do both top stitch and serging.
Wish I lived closer the shipping to the east coast is probably a killer.
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Steve W.
Absolutely. But I don't embroider! :) Hand and machine. Mostly sails and covers so far.
Ebay has them way overpriced. A Pfaff, maybe, but no way for the others...
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Google shows them new at Target, Walmart, couple on-line stores,etc for about $200, so I'd think older, even if unused, without return, support, and questionable warranty would be appropriately lower.
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Winston_Smith (Edward A. Falk) wrote in news:kjfd7d$8up$
My wife & daughters all sew. My wife has had a serger (Brother?) for close to 20 years, and at least for the last 10 we've been married, I've never seen it in use.
I think it's VERY specialized. With the fancy stiches you can get on modern regular machines, I suspect the times when only a serger will do are few & far between. I think its real forte is working with knits, and if you do a lot of that, it's probably worth it. My youngest girl works in a college theater cotume shop, where she deals with a wide range of materials, and I don't recall her mentioning using one.
Doug White
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Doug White

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