Constant pressure pump controller as speed control

I was at the scrap yard today and they have a bin with all kinds of pumps and the controller boxes. Some of the controllers have a lot of electronics and transformers or inductors inside. They are labeled as constant pressure controllers. Since I assume they vary the speed of the pump to keep the pressure constant. I wonder if the controller can be used as a speed controller for my lathe.

Anyone have experience with these devices

Bill K7NOM

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Bill Janssen
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I would probably leave them alone for a VFD. More than likely the drive is dead and not the pump or motor.


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It's more likely the pumps are variable volume piston pumps. The controller monitors delivery pressure and changes the angle of a swash plate that drives the pistons to maintain the pressure at the desired preset.

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Where are you? Im desperately looking for just that sort of pump. I need to deliver hydraulic oil at aconstant pressure but variable volume from zero gph to 20. c

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Ted Frater

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