DC motor speed controller recomendation needed.

Hi All,
I have a small DC permanent magnet motor that can be operated from any 3 to
30 volts dc source.
I would like recommentations as to which model railroad Dc speed controller
could do a good job in allowing me to run this motor at lower speeds. I also
must be able to operate the motor in reverse.
I need to be able to adjust the motor speed to my wishes especially starting
at 0 through the lower speeds.
I dont know much about Dc motor speed controllers but I have seen specs on
these speed controllers: Tech 11 railmaster 2400, Atlas 311, Blue &
Yellow Power Pack model no 6605
Can anyone recommend the above speed controllers or make suggestions?
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You don't mention current draw, nor what purpose the motor will be put to. If you just want to control the speed of (say) a windmill then you just need an adjustable voltage. A simple $20- motor control kit and a "wall wart" from an electronics shop will do the job. (Google Jaycar) Even a variable step/voltage wall wart would do the job. If you want to control the speed of a tool under varying loads then you'll want a "feed-back" type electronic controller. Model railway controllers are for "driving" a vehicle where you need to control speed, direction and position.
Regards, Greg.P.
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Greg Procter
It's not clear from your question and data exactly what you are trying to do. All of the devices you list will control the motor, assuming it doesn't draw more than an amp or so. But that is not the end of the story, as it's not clear just how precisely you want to control the motor's speed.
All of the listed devices are "powerpacks". They produce constant power at any given setting, by wasting some of the power so that less power gets to the motor, which means the motor will run at a lower speed. But as the load increases, amperage will increase, so that voltage will decrease. That means the motor will slow down under load. If that's what you want, any of the powerpacks listed will work.
However, what you may want is a constant voltage, variable power controller, so that the motor will maintain its speed even when the load increases. These devices exist, but they cost a fair bit more than powerpacks. DCC systems perform just this task, BTW, so you may want to look into using one of those.
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Wolf Kirchmeir
Hi, The motor I wish to controll the speed on is this one-- the specs can be found at ALL ELECTRONICS CORP dc motor 3-24 volt DC motor Cat # DCM-267. I wont be putting any heavy load on it.
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Then any of the powerpacks you listed will do.
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Wolf Kirchmeir

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