Copper-nickel alloy

Specifically 70-30 cupronickel. Any links or advice on machining and/or
brazing this stuff? Ususlly used in marine (salt water) plumbing and heat
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Paul Hovnanian P.E.
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Sometimes called Monel? I've used cupronickel brazing rod, but that'd be welding rod in this case; it must be possible to weld, I've seen Monel sinks that were obviously weld-ups.
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I've seen a number of marine heat exchangers, said to be cupronickel, that had the end plates soldered on but I am not sure whether it was lead-tin solder or silver solder, but I did visit a shop that was making them and the assembly was being done with an acetylene torch.
You might look at:
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For more detail.
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John B.
Go look for Keith Fenner on You Tube or Facebook. He can likely tell you all you would need to know.
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Steve W.

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