cutting and welding water tanks

I want to make use of some old electric water tanks I have and wanted
to know if I was going to have any obvious problems. (Obvious to one
of you.) I am going to cut the outter sheet metal cover off with a
cutting torch and peal away the fiberglass insulation. Then I want to
cut a door in the tank to make a smoker out of it. I know they are
typically lined with glass. Will I have problems cutting through the
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Cut an access hole in each end. String a single strand of 50gr primacord through the tank. Detonate in a safe fashion. It will reduce the glass to small easily poured out particles along with the sediment at the bottom, and will remove the insulation instantly.
It also removes any dents or rust.
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Might give that tank a nudge or two with say an 8 pound sledgehammer.
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Grant Erwin

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