welding hot water tanks

Any problem cutting and welding on old electric hot water tanks? I
want to make a smoker out of one. I know they often have a glass
coated interior. I'll cut the jacket off with a cutting torch, then
peal away the insulation. Then I will need to cut a door with a
cutting torch,and weld on some brackets, etc. Anyone know of any
problems with my plan?
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The glass lining is likely to cause problems in cutting with a cutting torch. A know that when I have cut steel with heavy rust the cut goes thru the steel to the rust and then the molten steel is halted and makes a big mess. I would probably drill holes in the corners and then use a saber saw or a sawsall and ear muffs. Expect to use several blades. Tapping with a ball pein hammer might make the glass come off. I have not tried it.
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I've made a few woodstoves out of old water heater cores. The glass lining bubbles and pops a bit when cutting with O/A but you can cut/weld it no problem. The jacket shouldn't need a C/torch to remove, snips and hand tools usually are enough. You might consider cutting into it for doors ect. with a cutoff wheel on a 4" grinder instead of the C/torch..
You do know that old fridge/freezers make *great* smoke houses? Just don't use the galvanized grates----food posioning potential..
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I've oxy-acetylene cut several hot water tanks one for a wood stove and several for home brew boiler surrounds. There is small amount of interference from the enamel lining which tends to make the cut rougher than normal. The enamel with pop and fly some distance so it is a potential eye hazard.
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