Details of my welding bench / work station

I've built a welding bench / basic work station for a task specific
application about 3 years ago. Since then, a number of people who've
seen it, have informed me that they've built one for themselves, "just
like it".
Since this appears to be an item of interest to a wider audience, I've
posted the files below:
formatting link

Please read file PlayBench.txt for construction details before
attempting to build one.
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Seems like a nice design, lots of thought put into it.
So I would imagine, forgetting your cell phone on the "Live table" while welding is not a good idea.
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Excellent documentation in the dropbox. I would have liked to see your contact info there, though, in case I hadn't seen this post. Randy
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Randy Replogle
Very nice, I think I'll build my own.
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Capt. Tundra

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