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The diamond wheels are MD120's 7" dia. 1/2" wide, permanently mounted on the hubs & sent out to the factory for bottom truing & balancing. I need to get a good surface ground finish, but the wheels are not quite true- thus leaving a slightly ripple finish. I know we should have a brake type wheel dresser, but the boss won't budge for it due to its cost for the very little carbide grinding we do. We have the white dressing stick for de-glazing it by hand, but does not true it. Years ago I ran across a dressing stick 3/8 dia. made out of some type of sintered material mounted ridgid when dressing, that actually would dress a diamond wheel like a single point diamond does on a regular grinding wheels. That dressing stick wore quite fast but removed some diamond from the wheel, allowing the corners of the wheel to be squared & the bottom true. I can't seem to find it any more. Has anyone used one of these, what is it & who has them. If I remember correctly they were around $20-30?


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I had the same problem with a badly mistreated 7" x 1" metal bonded wheel. It was carefully centred and balanced but it would not run true. In desperation I used it to continuously surface grind a mild steel block with repetitive 0.001" feeds. This must have been very unkind to the diamond grit but in half an hour the wheel was running true.

Apart from the usual square white aluminium oxide dressing stick I have a 1/2"x3/16" boron carbide dressing stick. Although this is a lot harder than aluminium oxide it comes with warning to use only on wheels grade M or softer so I can't imagine that it would be much use on diamond.

The other possibility is a sintered matrix diamond wheel dresser. I have one made by Gurney Engineering UK. It's handle mounted and the business end is a 1/4"x1/2"x3/4" sintered block which contains about 1 carat of multiple small diamonds. It works like a charm on conventional wheels but I've never tried it on diamond wheel.


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Here's what I was talking about:

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