diy APU for heavy truck

As I don't need heat or A/C, $7-8k for one of the comercialy availalble units jurts.

A belt driven A/C compressor and 60amp alt would dot it.

Is there a usable small non-reciprocating motor/engine/

Really hate sitting on ANOTHER running piston engine.



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Need to save up for a spell checker:)

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I don't quite understand, but what voltage and current are needed? Today's inverters can do a lot. And, you can buy 100 amp alternators. I have even seen that certtain hot-rodders install 2 100 amp alternators! That way, you have power as long as the vehicle engine is running. And, if you only need power for a short while when the engine is off, you could mount a couple of golf cart batteries where the "running piston engine" used to be.

Pete Stanaitis

------------------------ wrote:

if you don't need A/C, why would you need a "belt driven A/C compressor"?

and 60amp alt would dot it.

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The main engine is supposed to be off when you are running the APU, otherwise there is no point to an APU. I've heard of folks building their own APU with a regular small 5-10 hp Hatz diesel engine and truck alternator, A/C compressor optional.

If you really want a non-piston APU, your only marginally practical option is a used aircraft turbine APU, but those are still expensive, you need to know a lot about them to build a practical setup, and they are probably more effective HP than you need for a truck APU.

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Pete C.

H'F' $500 5500 watt genset . I have 20 . Engines are Jap .

You must improve carb . toss the choke . start on propane

We suffered for years ( 1990 til now ) paying $1100 for same

genset , in th USA , now Japan assy in China or whereever .

Mount 5500 watt ahead of the V6 Caravan motor . looks bad

but you start V6 from the 5500 watt , all accessories are

hung on 5500watt ...

BTW cut the gen windings in 8 pieces and put diode bridges on each to make MIG power supply .

Still can get a replacement welder from

formatting link
. transistors break of , they wont warranty it . its been 10 months of argueing emails ..

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Reverse . put a low cost 110/220 vac generator under hood , and

drop to 14vdc ( or anything you like ) with a 220vac H'F' e-welder

$200 . I have 6 ,

I used one e-welder to start my $300 H'F' 13hp !

No regulator , simple turn control all the way down .

With 110/220 , you can run very long wires , and ya dont

get a voltage drop .

Open your reefer , plug your TV and microwave in and pop your pop corn and watch the ball game , while your GPS tracker tells your boss , ya must have got a flat tire .

No jobs no factories , no cars ... in the USA in 4 years , 300 million people , running ...

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