Dropbox - help with creating text files

With the new requirement for including a text file
with all items posted to the dropbox, it has become
apparent the a fair number of people are confused
by the "plain text" requirement. To assist these
people a new page has been added to explain:
formatting link

It primarily describes Windows systems. The hints
should also work for Apple users of Microsoft Word.
I am hoping that Linux and Unix users are less likely
to need help and have provided no hints for them.
Steve Stallings
webmaster at metalworking.com
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Steve Stallings
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"Steve Stallings" wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@news1.newsguy.com:
I would garner to say that would be a safe bet.
*nix rox
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You could always create a blank template which could be modified (containing the things you consider the basic requirements for such a file). Ken
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Ken Vale

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