EMCO V-10 (Compact 10) change gears info needed

Our college has two EMCO (made in Austria) V-10 (Compact 10) lathes.
These seem to be very well made machines, but are long out of
production. We are using these machines for instruction in a
continuing education hobby/craft traditional machining class. Our
budget [like all public institutionss] is very tight this year.
Several of the change gears have been misplaced over the years and we
would like to replace these, however most are no longer available, and
the few that are available seem to have excessively high prices. For
example, we were quoted 44.33$US for the smallest 30T gear. Is this
out of line?
Does anyone know what the metric/module spec is for these gears?
Boston Gear and several other suppliers have gears that may fit with
some modification [at 1/3 to 1/2 the quoted cost] but they cannot
cross to the EMCO numbers. We can measure OD, ID, and thickness, but
PD and module measurement is more difficult for us.
Does anyone know if gears for the Asian imports [which look very much
line the Emco V-10] will interchange? If so, what brands, sources?
In addition, we are looking for a D1-4 10 or 11-inch diameter
faceplate with t-slots. Does any one have one they care to donate?
Thanks in advance for any info you can supply.
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