Feedback? McMaster Bench mount angle iron shear

I am quoting a job making a very simple angle clip out of 1.5 x 1.5 x
1/16 6063 aluminum. 15900 pcs....
Looking for a low cost angle iron type shear suitable for soft aluminum.
I'd prefer a straight vertical motion, material resting in a Vee, with a
punch matching the inner sides (or visa-versa) Short stroke, done. Not
having a lot of luck finding one, though I'm certain I've seen them
somewhere before.
Did find this at McMaster Carr:
formatting link

In the catalog, there's an option for a low distortion blade.
Description says virtually no distortion on 1/8" steel angle, but 1/16
6063 is a lot softer than 1/8 steel...
Not wanting to get into a big discussion about all the alternate methods
for doing this. I know what I want and will make it from scratch if I
have to, but trying to find something off the shelf if I can. Part is a
low value item, no money for deburring, etc, so I need a nice clean
sheared edge. Sharp edge is OK, but burrs hanging out are not.
Does anyone have any direct experience with the above reference tool at
McMaster, and if so, do you think a brand new one might give me the cut
quality I want?
Or... does anyone know where I might find a strictly vertical shearing
type that doesn't cost $10k? Self contained and powered ok if within
budget, but mostly need just the actual mechanical shearing part, I can
automate with power one way or another.
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Ah, ok, sometimes searching -images- is MUCH faster... Unitool is the outfit that makes the modular angle shear I was thinking of.
But, I seem to recall seeing something else. Anyone know if Gerver is still around? They made stuff like finger brakes and benders like the DiAcro stuff. I used to have a catalog here somewhere, and I think they had one. But Google keeps giving me Gerber stuff even when I tell it, no, I want it to search on Gerver...
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