finishing aluminum

Any suggestions for finishing an aluminum bracket?
(bout 3" sq.)
No critical dimensions or anything.
Just want to get rid of witness marks and shine up the piece
so it doesn't look too rough.
I'm thinking something like flap wheels or some of that
3M stuff.
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Fastest would be to grain it with about 200 grit sandpaper in one direction. Making very light scribe marks helps alot.
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Jim Stewart
Agreed. With aluminum, you usually can do it by hand as fast as you can by machine, if it's not too large. Graining will cover marks a lot better and faster than blasting or other random abrasion. And it looks pretty good.
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Ed Huntress
For larger areas of flat work I usually will go with matte instead, by using a random or figure 8 motion pattern and a maroon scotch brite pad.
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I've seen mirror-smooth aluminum, but I have no idea how they achieved it - maybe lapping?
Good Luck! Rich
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Rich Grise
I've gotten near-mirror finishes by sanding with progressively finer grits of sandpaper, ending with 800 or so and then buffing with a canvas wheel and polishing rouge. Ryobi sells the wheels and rouge at Home Despot.
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Jim Stewart

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