Fluorescent shop light retrofit questions

I'm going to treat myself to new fluorescent shop lights. I currently have a motley collection, with fixtures from garage sales and the dump. No telling what the ballasts are and whatever tubes I could get on sale.

I'm thinking that it will be easier and cheaper to just replace the ballasts and tubes, keeping the existing fixtures. Is this reasonable?

I'd get T8's & electronic ballasts. But which ones? There's a huge selection!

Is there a difference between brand name & no-name ballasts? If so, what are the good brands: GE, Sylvania, Motorola, TCP, Sola, Advance, Sasi?

What about tubes: GE, Sylvania, Phillips, LITETRONICS, Panasonic, Westinghouse, TCP, Sola, Advance, Sasi?

Are "temperature" and lumens something I need to pay attention to?

Thanks, Bob

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Bob Engelhardt
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