goat glands [adding power cross/down feeds]

Goat Glands -- [for fuller explanation of title see
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Actually adding power cross feed to an EMCO v-10 lathe and/or
power down feed to the mill attachment.
We are attempting to upgrade our college machine shop without
spending any money. I and the students are putting some money in
the pot, and are considering improving our EMCO v10 lathes
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for description]
by adding power cross feed and/or to add power z-axis feed to
the milling attachment. This will be one of our [most likely
the] major fall class projects involving both design and
We have located what appear to be suitable motors for 20$ each at
surpluscenter.com see
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is a 12 RPM airpax [which seems a little light/weak]
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We can scrounge the DPDT and SPST switches, fuse holders, power
cables, bracket metal, etc. and it appears that locally available
door bell transformers can be used for the required 10VAC control
voltage. [OSHA would have a fit...] (I can see using a seperate 6
volt xformer to slow things down)
The 25-RPM motors will produce 2.5 IPM feed if directly
My question to the group, has anyone done this with an EMCO V10
or equivalent lathe and with what results? Anything you would do
different? Would you do it again?
Thanks for your help.
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F. George McDuffee
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my bad -- not a V-10 but a compact 10 see
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for the "real thing"
We are also machining a complete set of change gears.
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F. George McDuffee
These are pretty small motors. Have you analyzed torque requirements? How will you align the shafts?
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Richard J Kinch

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