Grizzley Sheet Metal Equipment Any Good?

I've been looking for some sheet metal equipment (shear, pan brake, etc.)
for some time now and there isn't any to be found near me. A Grizzley
showroom is about 200 miles away from me. Does anyone have any experience
with their brakes (say #5769 - 4' pan brake) or shears (say 5774 - 52"
Where can a guy get good used sheet metal equipment near Oregon?
Please comment and thanks.
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David Pidwerbecki
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You probably need to come down here to Southern California. Between Gunner and I, I think we could equip your shop niclely. Leigh at MarMachine
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Leigh Knudson
Ayup. I can do you with a 52" Pexto hydraulic shear, and I know Leigh has just about everything else you can imagine.
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