Ground flat stock?

I'm wanting to make a cross slide for a CNC lathe conversion similar to
OmniTurn units. The basic idea is to mount THK linear rails on steel flat
stock to make a cross slide. I have questions within questions in
parenthesis. Would I be better off to buy (CRS or HRS?) and have it ground
(Blanchard?)? Or would it be better to buy ground stock (toolsteel?)?
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I have OmniTurn slides on a Hardinge lathe. Can't help you with the type of steel, but I can give you rough dimensions of the major components if that helps.
You may want to subscribe to the Yahoo Group: DIY-CNC "This group is for those who wish to explore the design, construction, and use of homemade, or home retrofitted CNC machines."
Roger_N wrote:
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Theres also which has people who retrofit or build from scratch.
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Do you need to machine the stock? If so and you can mill it yourself, I would use CRS. But it tends to wrap when machined. Stress-reliefing it before and paying attention where and how you mill it helps.
Best would be having a CI stock.
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