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No metal, but I bet some of you can help. My address bar on my computer is
full of old sites that I never use. I cant find anyone who knows how to
remove these. Any help will be appreciated.
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E. Walter Le Roy
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You say that these addresses are in your address bar, do you mean under your favorites button? if so its pretty simple. Just right click on each and delete them. If this isn't what your speaking of give a little more info. The other thing to look at is under the tools button on the top select internet options and click on the clear history.
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Cut it off with an angle grinder. Use lot of water or neighboring bits will melt and you need to install a new OS. Or ask in the right group.
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Nick Mueller
Clap, clap, clap (applause in case that doesn't translate well).
Nick Mueller wrote:
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Steve Smith
formatting link
Among the millions
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Sounds like someone who's afraid wifey will notice some of the websites he's been visiting when she's not around.
Jeff (Just kidding. NOT.)
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Jeff Wisnia
Thanks guys--I got it cleared.
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E. Walter Le Roy
Use a metric screwdriver. JR Dweller in the cellar
E. Walter Le Roy wrote:
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JR North

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