Heat treating bicycle rear derailer hanger after bending

I know I should have hit the hanger with a torch before sending it out, but
alas, I was so stricken by the drive train failure I skipped that.
Now that the crucial bending is done, for the second time since I have had the
bicycle, how can I heat treat the hanger to keep it ready for the next time I
snarl my gears?
There is something called "spheroidizing". What else is there? Annealing.
Quenching is unlikely. Tempering. That's all, folks, as far as I know.
I have a couple bottles of propane and couple MAPP and two big head torches.
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Spheroidizing (has nothing to do with Spehro ;) is converting carbides in white cast iron to spherical graphite nodules. This process makes malleable cast iron.
Annealing is to remove stresses either from working or heat treating. Softens the material and/or relieves stresses. Quenching is usually used to harden, followed by tempering.
What's your hanger made of? Mild?
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