What Grinding Wheel to Use?

I've got a Sears "Drill Bit Grinding Attachment" Model No. 351.252920 I
want to setup and use. It is similar to the US General item , probably
made by them with SEARS logo added.
I used one of these units years ago in a tool room I was working in and
with very good results. It was used on the side of the wheel not on the
periphery. We freehand rough ground the drills first, then used this
little fixture to get balanced cutting edges. I don't care to blow up
and disintergrate a wheel. Does anybody here know what wheel to use?
I was thinking of calling NORTON and picking their brains.
Sears' 2002-2003 catalog designates Catalog Number 64536 as their wheel
to get (a 60 grit, 6" dia. x 1" thick wheel) but that wheel is no longer
available via their catalog or to Sears.com as neither is the fixture.
Looks like Drill Doctor=AE took over their previous line. I was always
told in the shop not to use steel on diamond wheels as it loads up the
wheel! We used diamond on carbide. How to redress the wheel via Drill
Doctor=AE? Or is it a throw away and just buy an expensive replacement
Thanks in advance.
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