Surface grinding on a shaper?

I recently bought a book on tool room grinding published by the
Carborundum Company. It's quite old but makes interesting reading.
One picture is of a shaper with a grinding attachment being used as a
surface grinder. Now that started me thinking. I've got a shaper
that's rarely used and I want a surface grinder. Obvoiusly I will
need a tool post grinder and a magnetic table. Both can be had
relatively cheaply. Also, using the shaper in a dual role will save
valuable workshop space. A suitable toolpost grinder could also be
used in the lathe making it even more useful.
Does anyone have any experience of using a shaper for this sort of
Any thoughts?
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Like most grinding attachments to it's a good way of spraying abrasive over , which is never good.
That said, as long as your shaper has enough traversable area for the grinding you need - why not?
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Im sure someone (maybe nick or mark rand) attached an angle grinder to one. :)
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dave sanderson
Father, I Can Not Tell a Lie, I cut the welds down..
I patched up the various dings, holes and crash sites on the table of the drill press that I got from JS. I used MIG for the job and intended to cut the whole thing back to flat with brazed carbide cutters in the shaper. Didn't work at all. So I drilled a bit of 5/8 square bar to bolt onto the 4 1/2" angle grinder in place of the side handle. Said bar got clamped in the tool holder of the shaper.
It did a very good job of restoring the drill press table but... As people have intimated. It gets grit everywhere and will _without doubt_ destroy the shaper. The only way to avoid destruction would be to fit bellows over the ram and the cross rail and to completely seal the body. I did it once, but would not do it again.
Because of their mode of operation, shapers are even more vulnerable to damage with a toolpost grinder than lathes are. I wouldn't stop anyone from doing it, but I would suggest it as an option last resort only.
Having said that, I do now have a surface grinder, and it's a very useful tool. You don't realise how useful they can be until you get one.
Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand
Thanks for the replies, they've given me food for thought. As I say, I would like a surface grinder but space is an issue. There's also some things I don't understand about them but that's probably best in another thread.
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