Heat treating oven control equipment

I have a small 6"x6"x4" oven and need temperature control.

I am considering a Fuji PXR3 temperature/process controller and will need a thermocouple and a power switching device.

My electronic skills are pretty basic. I would welcome advice on what thermocouple, insulation and housing is best suited.

Should I choose a relay or a sold state relay?

Is there a better way to heat treat and case harden?

TIA, John.

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John Wilson
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Yes use a solid state relay any thing else will were out fast . Here is the type of probe I use .

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This probe is a type K controler

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I have an earlier version of the same controller on my furnace and it works very well. Use a solid state relay, just make sure you heat sink it.

Omega makes any kind of thermocouple you need and they have a website. Make sure the controller turns off with loss of thermocouple signal.

I used two neon pilot lights on my set-up. One was a master power "On" and the other was "Heater Power" , downstream of the relay showing when the heater is energized and thus giving a ready indication of proper relay/controller function.


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Randal O'Brian

Re: Heat treating oven control equipment

Why does your oven control equipment need to be heat treated? (Sorry, I just couldn't resist 8-) ) Bob

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Bob Engelhardt

Thanks for the advice and web sites. Bob my English (my first and only language) may not be perfect but I get along and I did appreciate your humor.


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John Wilson

I know little about heat treating, but from what I do know about the temp ranges involved I think a type K thermocouple would be suitable. Type K is good up to about 2000 deg F, maybe a bit higher, most controllers I've seen accomodate type K and they're readily available.

You can get type K thermocouple wire from McMaster, along with the yellow connectors for them. It's easy to weld up thermocouples from wire, and it's a lot cheaper than buying them readymade if you don't need 0.1 degree absolute accuracy.

I weld "utility" thermocouples with a Smith O/A Li'l Torch. If I want them better than that, I TIG weld them! I pull an arc with the TIG to a c>I have a small 6"x6"x4" oven and need temperature control.

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Don Foreman

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