Cheap heat-treat oven

A late 70's or early 80's Blue M oven in good condition. 480 volt single
phase. I think you should be able to run between it two legs of 460 three
phase. The old original electronics have been bypassed and it is controlled
by a Watlow 965 controller driving a solid state relay, which in turn drives
the original mechanical relay. The oven cavity is 9x9x18". Maximum rated
temperature is 1850F. I have not had the oven over 750F since the controller
changeover, but I do not foresee any problems with reaching it's rated
temperature. A GE disconnect box is included.
The oven is located in Weatherford, TX (20 miles west of Ft Worth)
PICKUP ONLY PLEASE. If you insist on having it shipped,it could be
delivered to a freight terminal for $150 - crating and shipping will be
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