S-70A Black Hawk Kit

Evening all.
I am seeking to purchase a 1/72 scale plastic construction kit of a S-70A
Black Hawk (RAAF). Have been surfing but to no avail. Can anyone help (Price
within reason)
Any assistance appreciated
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Laurence Menadue
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Hi Laurence, I did a quick search on "S-70A 1/72" on both
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(the second being an Australian search engine). Plenty of decal kits available to do a RAAF version. From what I saw both Academy and Italeri had 1/72 versions of this model.
Not sure on the similarities between the models but there is plenty of UH-60 kits out there, and I noticed a resin conversion if you wanted to go the hard yards. It all depends on how much you want to spend and how skilled a modeller you are.
Best bet would be to contact Red Roo models
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and ask Gary about what model kit is the best match.
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The Raven
The S-70A is the company designation for the UH-60 -- any Black Hawk kit with the Infrared suppressors included on the engine exhausts will give you a good start. You'll have to buy aftermarket decals.
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I recall seeing an advert or a review somewhere in the last 6 months or so for a RAAF S-70 conversion set. As I recall, the set included both the necessary resin parts and an Italeri (maybe Academy) Blackhawk. I think the advert/review may have been in a Modelart magazine - if you buy/subscribe to this, have a look back through the issues for the last 6-12.
I considered buying one of these myself but having already purchased a Hasegawa Blackhawk for the collection, I decided to see whether the necessary conversion could be easily done by applying a little scratchbuilding.
If I have any further recollection about this, I'll let you know.
Cheers mate, James.
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James Venables

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