NEW! - Westland Wyvern S Mk4 - 1/72 resin kit

The 1/72 scale Czech Masters Resin Westland Wyvern S Mk 4 has just been released.

It's a stunner! Complete cockpit detail, separate Youngman flaps, airbrakes (both the pierced underwing brakes and the trailing edge brakes) and tail hook. The jet pipes are hollow all the way back, the seat's a "reasonable" representation of a MB Mk2. The underwing stores include a Mk15/17 torpedo with MAT Mk5 airtail as an option, 3 x 1,000lb bombs, 2 x 90 gallon droptanks and 16 RPs. There are 2 RATOG packs and the panel line detail is as good as Hasegawa or Tamiya!

Decal options for 3 aircraft and a set of instructions covering 14 sides of A4 paper, which includes drawings reproduced from the AP and some photos.

The research for this kit was provided by Fred Ballam, the Westland Archivist, so it's as good as it gets!

Watch the Hannants/ Squadron updates for prices, I would guess it'll be a bit pricey as it's a resin kit, but if Hannants reckon the CMR Scimitar has been their best-selling resin kit to date, this one will beat it hands down!


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