Black Hawk Down Black Hawk Markings/Decals ?

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I am just about at the finishing stages of building my 1/35 scale Black Hawk (Academy kit) helicopter. I would like to use the markings/decals to emulate the Black Hawks used in the movie Black Hawk down. Please help.


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Get the BHD Special Edition DVD. Two of the blackhawks used in the film had special names emblazoned on the engine housings. One was named "Armageddon" (nod to BHD producer Jerry Bruckheimer) another was named "Gladiator" (nod to director Ridley Scott) Black text against drab fuselage, so they're not plainly visible.

Get a DVD player application with a good screen/framegrab feature (WinDVD 4 for example) and you'll have all the possible reference you could want.

Now if you want to depict your birds like the ACTUAL ones that were used in Somalia 93....I can't help you there.


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