Helmet Shade# for Low Amp TIG?

I've been mostly tigging al; no problem w/ #10 shade HF A/D Helmet. Just
started light gauge (22) steel sheet at 30A. The arc light is so dim at
low amp I can't see the work and puddle properly. What do you guys use
here? Do you use an aux halogen light source to illuminate the work?
Need to check out the range of shade levels on some other helmets. Maybe
one that goes down to #8?
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JR North
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I recently had some light-gauge steel to TIG, and once I got a helmet that would respond to the dim arc, had good results with simply increasing the illumination on the work. That worked better than changing to a lighter shade.
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Ted Bennett
I mounted a 300 watt outdoor halogen light 4 feet above my welding table, directly over the side I do tig from. Works for me
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Greetings JR, Even though a lighter shade lens will still block all the UV as well as a darker shade lens will I have found that using bright lights instead makes the work easier to see. Especially the areas adjacent to the weld because the tiny arc isn't bright enough to illuminate these well. Cheers, Eric
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Eric R Snow
I have this helmet also (at least something very similar) and I am very satisfied.
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