Hobby shop stock storage?

Do you have some good ideas for stock storage?

For better or for worse, Here's how I store my stock:

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I just updated this page with some pictures. The big deal was to put 200 to 300 pounds of shorter stock into a 5 gallon pail that has been made portable by placing it on a small Harbor Freight furniture dolly.

Pete Stanaitis


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Aw, you cheated, Pete. You covered the center holes in the dollies. What are you doing with that scalp massager? (pic just below Tool Steel behind door)

Don't those 5gal buckets with 250# hanging over the edge get a bit tippy? Buckets are my scrap wood and metal storage containers, too, so I'll have to add a hole cover and do the same thing. It looks a whole lot easier than lifting the damned heavy things every time. I have some extra 3" swivel casters, too. Hmm...nah. I need to get things off the ground and onto the shelves. I have some room left, and I have drawers which need to be filled in the little office space off the shop (my hardware storage area.) I'll make the metal bucket mobile and raise the wood scraps, I guess, with spare tools going into the drawers.

I made a rolling sheet good storage rack but there's so much crap in the shop now, I'd never be able to swing it out as it was designed.

Well, the two 4000psi/4gpm power washers are out of the shop now. Amazon's shippers did such a bang up job on getting one to me that they sent another to make up for it. The second had even more holes in the box when it arrived, and more pieces sticking out. It was far more damaged, too. Frames, handles, and axles were bent, panels were bowed and scratched through to bare metal, they both spent some time on their sides or upside down, because half the oil from the pump itself was in or on the boxes. Both were shipped air-freight, and both the UPS guy and sweetheart driving the FedEX truck said they received them in that condition. BUT, both work, both fired up on the second pull of the rope, and both run smoothly and nicely. I have spare parts galore now. A bit of paint touchup, some hammer & dolly + portapower work, and I'll have some functional -and- pretty units.

My deer-path through the shop is much larger now.

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Larry Jaques

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