Featherlite 3111 open car hauler empty weight

I own a Featherlite 3111 car hauler. Without pulling up to a DOT scales, I cannot determine the actual empty weight. Can anyone enlighten me as to the actual empty weight?

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The don't seem to have a 3111 per se, but I'd think you could interpolate well enough from the table to be close enough for virtually any purpose...

If not, call 'em and ask...

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What does Featherlite say?

Smartass answer:

1) OK, first you rent the crane...


2) Go buy or sell some scrap metal. They'll weigh you before and after.

3) Go to your local landscape supply yard and ask how much they'll charge you to weigh your trailer, or truck/trailer combo. Chances are that this time of year, the guys will do it for free to beat the boredom. (Oh, if you're in a snowy area, rotsa ruck. They may be closed for months.)

4) Quarries have scales, too. Go ask there. At worst, buy half a yard of gravel for five bucks. They'll weigh you before and after.

5) Some concrete companies have scales.

6) Search the Internet. (no 3111)
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Larry Jaques

What length and width? 14X8, 14X8.5, 17.5X8, 17.5X8.5 Aluminum or wood deck? Other options?

The 14 foot version 8.5 foot wide, no options except fenders is around

950-975 pounds if I remember right.

The longer version was 1450 IIRC.

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Steve W.

Thank you kindly for your response. My trailer is a 17.5 ft. with aluminum floor. This issue just popped up over this weekend, hence no official offices are open to inquire. I need to depart early Monday morning (tomorrow) to deliver some aircraft parts and since this trailer is not registered, I wanted to make sure I am legal. The State of Kansas exempts trailers from registration if the total weight of the trailer and cargo is under 2000 lbs. At 1450 lbs. empty wt. and a light load, looks like I am legal to go. Thanks again for your helpful input.


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