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I had a problem with gnats inside our home. We have full house air condition with the evaporator in the attic. I bought a electronic fly swatter from Harbor Freight and it was almost fun hearing the frying sound as I eliminate the gnat on the windows as they flew toward the light. However, as the numbers grew I goggle gnats

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and came to the conclusion that I needed to find the source. I close off our laundry room and found that room to be the source, I visit a exterminator supply and they suspected the laundry tub, I bought a liquid that coats the drain above the trap. I applied this to no avail. I was about to order a
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I decided to check the drain pan under the air condition in the attic. It did have a scum that the goggled articles suggested as breeding places. I plugged up the drain on the drip pan and poured a gallon on bleach in to the pan to soak for a while and I also sprayed bleach on the insulation in the air box. The house smelled like a indoor swimming pool for a while after I drained the bleach and turn the air back on. For a week now I haven seem a gnat.

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Bill Cotton
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Get rid of the garbage in the house. Put all fruits and vegatables in the refigerator or eat them. Without watery food for the gnats, they will go away.

-- Why do penguins walk so far to get to their nesting grounds?

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Bob May

plant tray bottoms or even in the plant dirt.

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Charles Spitzer

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