Honda EU1000i

I bought one that didn't run well at a flea market and flushed the stale gas out of the fuel system to cure it.

There are many ideas online to modify and improve small generators so I'd like to know if you have some to share and discuss.

I intend to store it inside the house after some combination of running it dry and purging the fuel lines.

The manual shows using a siphon pump to mostly empty the tank, then a thin tube on a turkey baster removed enough more that it ran dry in 5 minutes. Very little leftover fuel came out the carb bowl drain tube afterwards. On this Honda a single knob controls fuel and ignition, so the carb can't be run empty with fuel left in the tank.

So far I made a fuel tank pressurizer to prime and fully drain it, from a

1.5" rubber stopper and a siphon hose bulb, with a rubber flap over the exit hole in the stopper because the siphon bulb didn't have check valves. My thumb is the intake valve. The valves in the diaphragm fuel pump open to let air pressure or fuel flow toward the carb. jsw
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