How big a face mill can a Millrite MVI handle? Update

I just got a used shell mill mounted on a R8 arbor. The cutter is made
by Morse, is 1-1/8 inches in diameter, and has ten spiral teeth. It has
no trouble whatsoever with aluminum. I was taking nearly full-width
passes, 0.015" or so deep. Didn't even slow down while I squared up a
Steel will be another matter.
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Joseph Gwinn
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Typo. It's 2-1/8 inch in diameter.
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Joseph Gwinn
I used to run a 3" 4fl indexable facemill at 0.150" DOC, full diameter, max spindle RPM in aluminum. Feed too hard and you can hear the machine bog. 0.015" should be trivial for any full-size knee mill.
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Robin S.

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