How long do abrasive blasting gun nozzles last

I have a sandblasting gun like this:
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I have a couple of boxes of nozzles for it, that happen to fit
perfectly. They are hardened steel nozzles.
My question is, how many hours of blasting do these nozzles last? I
want to understand how many do I need and maybe I can sell the excess,
as they seem to be selling for $18 each at McMaster-Carr.
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Keep 'em . You'll use them eventually , and if you sell these you'll be buying them back for more later .
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Terry Coombs
I have like 100 of them. But, I guess you are right, cannot have too many.
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From what I have read, steel nozzles are eaten up much more quickly than ceramic, so your stock isn't that long-lived, Ig.
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Larry Jaques

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