hydraulic cylinder tubing

Does anyone know a good source for small quantities of hydraulic cylinder
Something about 1" ID would be OK, the design can be changed to fit to a
range of sizes.
The tubing should have an accurate size, honed finish, and be quite straight
in the bore. OD doesn't matter much.
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elliot burke
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Dontcha got any hydraulic repair places locally ???
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My favorite source is Bailey but I'm not sure if they have it that small.
Ok I just checked and the smallest they list in there catalog is 1 1/2" bore. You might give them a call and see if they can get 1" ID tubing. The number is.
Web site is
but the last time I looked it was so trashed up with advanced features that I didn't want to go back.
Wayne Cook Shamrock, TX
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Wayne Cook
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Where are you, for a start?
I don't know about small qs, but a search of "hydraulic cylinder tubing" turned up a few sources.
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Old Nick
cylinder repair components or CRC in Alabama is a great source for cut to length honed , seamless , tubing
bailey is another good source
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