In praise of RCM'ers

I recently "subscribed" to sci.electronics.basics & Like RCM, there are some very knowledgeable posters there and they are willing to help. Unlike RCM, there is a /lot/ of rudeness and insults. Even the posters that one has to respect for their knowledge & the help they give can be offensive. "Stupid", "ignorant", "asshole", "fuck you", are common. It can be plain unpleasant to read.

That rarely happens on RCM & I want to thank you guys for it. It's easy to go off when the relationship is as distant as it is on usenet, but the usual discourse on RCM is as if it was face-to-face. That shows the collective politeness and decency that exists here. RCM is really a nice place to hang out.

Thank you very much, you're a great bunch of "guys", Bob

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Bob Engelhardt
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"You must be missing some of the political threads " "Bob, sounds like you have your filters working properly"

It's true that I have a couple of filters & that I'm a big user of the Thunderbird "Ignore Thread" command ("K" key). Any new thread that's OT political and any on-topic thread that drifts into politics gets K'ed. It's easy enough & I'm not complaining.

Nevertheless, what I said is true for the on topic discussions & that can't be said for those sci.electronics groups.

Keep up the good work, Bob

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Bob Engelhardt

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