inexpensive linear bushing?

I am trying to achieve low friction linear motion as economical as possible because this will be a mass produced part. Picture a 1/2" diameter aluminum rod that needs to slide about 9" through a low friction bushing (bushing about 1.5" L). There will be around 90 pound/inch radial torque moment on the bushing from the rod but still need linear slide. I have checked into linear bearings and Frelon bearings but the cost is prohibitive. What are my best material/product options for low friction economical solution (lubrication not possible)? BTW, the rod could be stainless steel or some other material??

Thanks! Bailey--

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for low speeds i'd recommend

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i think they're a BFGoodrich company.

no affiliation, have used their bearings before. inexpensive, and i think they will make small batches for special sizes if they dont have something that fits your application.


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Nyliner, it may be the same thing Tony mentioned.

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