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I was cleaning some stainless steel food service equipment with scotchbrite
and a degreaser and I accidentally went accross the grain with the
scotchbrite, (I learned that the hard way a few years ago), and it left some
pretty hefty scratch marks. My question is, is there a way to get the
scratches out or at least hide them a little? Thanks.
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mike faust
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Burn the building down. :-)
mike faust wrote:
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Grant Erwin
Go the other way until they are gone. But it ain't fun!!
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Brian Lawson
Sanding mesh and strong scouring powder takes out cross scratches pretty fast. Our stainless sink gets some awful scratches once in a while. I called up the Elkay rep and he GAVE me (I'm amazed) a scratch removal kit that included sanding mesh and a bottle of some pine scented oily liquid that does an outstanding job of taking out scratches. My guess is it's some sort of lubricant that keeps the stainless from clogging the sanding mesh. You might give a restaurant equipment supplier a call and ask what they recommend.
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Jim McGill

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