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A friend of mine already has a job like that at Steamtown.
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Might be a "dream job" for the right person...Henry Ford Museum
Railroad Specialist
Assists with the maintenance and restoration of the museum's operational
steam locomotives. Requires basic knowledge of machine tool processes,
materials, and metal forming techniques- 1880's to modern. Knowledge of
rolling stock inspection, maintenance and repair, knowledge of air brake
operation, inspection and repair, boiler construction and a general
knowledge of boiler operation and safety. Must be able to fabricate
parts using photographs and/or broken pieces as examples. Experienced
steam locomotive mechanic/restorer.
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Koz wrote in news: would be located in Detroit :/
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Well, Greenfield Village, anyway, but when I left Michigan 10 years ago, basically anything east of a line running north/south thorugh Lansing, and south of a line running east/west through Port Huron was considered to be effectively "The greater Detroit metro area", I guess I'll score it as "close enough" :) I don't expect that the sprawling cancer sometimes called "The city of Detroit" has done anything but sprawl even more since I managed to make my escape from the social/employment/economic black hole that was Michigan in the late 80's and early 90's.
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Don Bruder

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