Knuth DRO's on EBAY

I've recently stumbled across the following EBAY ad: item number 2570941080

They have 2 and 3 axis, Knuth DRO units with glass scales, rated at

0.0001". Looks like a decent unit and the prices can't be beat for the features. $549 for 2 axis, $779 for 3 axis, plus $88 shipping charges.

It's by a company in Singapore, so before I send them my money, I wanted to see if anybody else has bought from them!

Thanks, Ted

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I bought a 3 axis & put it on an Enco mill. The DRO box had a defective Y axis section - they had me send it back for a new one with a quick turnaround & they paid the shipping. They also informed me to not hesitate to contact them with any issues even after the warranty period was over. Be aware that the initial shipping period was very long due to the fact that they did not stock the 3rd axis scale - they order it from the manufacturer when they need it - could have changed that procedure by now though. Works good & has 0.0001 resolution. Yes, that's one ten thousand'ths.

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