Linisher Settings?

I was given a B&Q sander/linisher in my Xmas Stocking.

However, the accompanying instructions are remarkable by their paucity.

Behind the vertical part of the linisher belt is an adjustable metal plate which is presumably to prevent the belt from distending under the applied pressure while linishing.

My question is, how close to the belt should the plate be when setting up? Presumably there should be a small gap so that the belt will not rub on it and so wear when free running?

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Airy R. Bean
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All the ones I have used over the years, have had the platen right up in contact with the belt.

In use it becomes very well polished and is not a signifigant friction load.

Cheers Trevor Jones

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Trevor Jones

If tou are referring to a vertical belt sander similar to the ones on this page

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backer plate should just touch the belt. If you leave a gap then if you try to sand or grind a part, you may round the edges over a bit, or you get a curve over the lenght of the contact area. The belts are designed to slide on the contact plate without wearing.

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Airy R. Bean

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