Welding - gas mixer?

I have a tank of Argon - 100%, and a tank of CO2 - 100%.

Ernie's answer to Don Foreman's recent thread suggested 25 AR and 75 CO2. So is there some kind of mixing valve where I could hook up the two tanks and get blended gas out?

This would only be for occasional use, I'd just get a blended tank for a big job.


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Karl Townsend
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Do you have regulators and flow meters for each tank? If so just connect the lines out of the flow meters to a "y" and then on to your solenoid valve. Then adjust the flow meters for the desired ratio.

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OK while gasses are flowing, but mightn't you get a slug of mystery gas in the lines when the valve was closed? Perhaps there should be a solenoid valve for each gas before the lines are joined?

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Don Foreman

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