Argon/CO2 for TIG Welding?

Is it reasonble to use Argon(75%)/CO2(25%) for TIG welding? I would like to test the TIG feature on an old Miller 330A/BP (new to me) but don't have the money for the Argon tank right now. I already have an Argon/CO2 bottle from my MIG welder. Thanks, John

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You might as well turn off the gas and strike the TIG. You will oxidise the tungsten immediately. I don't think you will damage the equipment other than eating a tungsten.

If all your doing is seeing if the TIG strikes and arc it will work. For actually heating or welding something it won't.

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Bart D. Hull

You could use it to test if the machine works and the gas solenoid fires, but you won't be able to weld with it.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

As a newby, been there, done that... You will ruin the cup in very short order. (micro spatter on the edge of the cup)

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Mr Wizzard

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