Argoshield/pure argon?

I have a mig and a dc-tig. Ran out of Argoshield for the mig today (Sunday)
so I tried switching it to the pure argon cylinder from the tig. My mig
welding with pure argon on mild steel wasn't very good so I've left that job
till the gas suppliers open again on Tuesday.
It occurs to me I might be able to cut down to one BOC bottle from two -
could I tig on mild steel with Argoshield?
I'll be trying it out anyway when I get an Argoshield refill but any advice
and/or tips on Argoshield/TIG would be welcome.
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Paul Parr
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If you MIG weld with pure argon you will get no penetration on steel. It will work on aluminum MIG.
If you try to TIG weld with a Argon / CO2 mix yopu will destroy your tungstens.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
It is true your weld will have oxidation if you use the mix with GTAW. As far as penetration goes I was under the impression that pure argon using MIG will cause the puddle to narrow and roll. It won't lay down flat but will get pentration. You just won't like what the weld looks like.
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Thanks for the answers - I now have a better idea of what to look out for.
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Paul Parr

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